Altared Khaos Associates – Ethic Chart


We like teamwork, we like touring, we like collaborations in general because it’s about making things happen together. Now, we all know some collaborations work better than others, because of human factors, within the professional frame.

So, here is our ethic chart, which we ask you to read if you consider to include AKA to your

Concert – Tour – Festival



We know the drill/s and we thrive in the action. We do not expect anyone to carry the merch crates for us, or install anything for us. It also is normal for us to participate any of the regular team duties and tasks, as any team members. We enjoy helping other staff members and work together with everyone, even if that means sharing our holly duct-tape roll.



Any private information about our partners life, habits, data will remain strictly confidential. In case of tours, we unconditionally respect the private space of all crew and band members.

In turn, we expect the same discretion and respect shown to us.



We value communication and constructive feedback at all times, and pride ourselves on being extremely open & approachable. If there is anything we do that you would prefer done another way, feel free to say it right away. Your satisfaction is truly our priority ! We will give you the very same honesty if there’s anything that we can contribute in.



Any mission will be treated with the strictest care, and each partner will receive all details concerning the sales, together with the due reports, invoices and money. We are able to communicate numbers and details at any time during an assignment.


Honour and reliability

We are women of our word, period. If we say we will do something, we will stick to it and have it done.

We don’t feel it necessary to repeat ourselves, or continually reaffirm what we’ve agreed upon.

We expect our partners to show us the same approach to reliability and the value of their word.



Never while on duty. It means we won’t drink any alcoholic beverage from the get-in to the get-out.

We also have a personal no-drunkenness policy on the whole duration of tours, as we’re considered to be on an assignment (“personal” meaning “for our own staff members”).



We do not do drugs ever, and won’t be associated to drug consumption. Yet, we believe in everyone’s freedom regarding their own choices and their own health, and will respect this.


Politics and affiliations

Altared Khaos Associates wish to strictly keep any type of politics away from its activities.

We proudly respect humankind in all its forms, and the only values we support are humanism, dignity and freedom for ALL to have their background, opinion and free speech. This includes the freedom to create Art in relation to one’s personal opinions and belief system.

While we are always happy to participate deep conversations, as a professional entity we are totally neutral on matters of politics/religions/social matters. We would cancel at once any contract with a partner trying to forcefully associate us with any ideology and/or political agenda.


No drama policy

In short: we’re here to perform a job, and have professional relations with our partners, whether it’s on long or short assignments. Our behavior will be professional at all times, as we have a job to fulfil, and so have our partners. We are here to work, together.

At a personal level and beyond professional behaviors, we expect unconditional respect from our partners and customers, and will always treat everyone with the same care.

In case of disagreements/problems, please read again the COMMUNICATION chapter…

Obviously, our no-drama policy implies a no sexual harassment part (yes, we commit to not harass nor bite anyone ^^ ) and a fair appreciation of everyone skills once on the field.