“Altared Khaos has handled our merch stand with excellence. Great communication and professionalism. They’ve managed to tackle any issue coming their way and in the end, we saw a huge spike in our sales and a lot of happy visitors. Next to that, they are super nice and cool. We hope to work with them for future editions of Unholy Congregation.”

-Unholy Congregation Festival


“Independent and professional to the fingertips, a sure joy to work with.”

-The Norwegian Rat


“It was a great pleasure to work with Morgwen and AKA! Professional, experienced and super easy to deal with. I hope our paths will cross again, and I can highly recommend their services.”

– Enslaved


“Altared Khaos received our merch in a pile, they counted everything, put it on display and organized all the sales. Two days later all our earnings popped up on our account and they only charged peanuts.”

-Whoredom Rife


“Thank you so much for your great work. We will def work together again.”

– Torgrim /Beyond The Gates


“We have never before encountered such great service; tidy statements, easy communication and professionalism throughout.”



“I have had the pleasure of using Morgwen’s skills as merchandiser [tours in 2013 & 2014], and things worked flawlessly and to perfection. It certainly doesn’t hurt that she’s good-looking, presentable in any way and very professional towards any customer at the merchandise-stand.”

– Lars F. Larsen, Intromental Europe


“It was a pleasure working with Morgwen at Krøsset in Oslo. We can recommend her as she was very professional and organized. It was a good experience to have her handle our merch, so the band could focus fully on the concert.”



“The friendly ladies at Altared Khaos Associates are very cooperative, extremely professional, and will do their absolute best to satisfy their customers’ needs. They took charge of preparations and presentation, and made sure we could feel comfortable with them taking charge of our merchandise. I hope we’ll get the opportunity to work with them again!”

– Nekromantheon


“We had the pleasure of experiencing Morgwen as a band host in 2017. She is a professional with a lot of enthusiasm, works very efficiently and get the jobs done quick and easy. A joyful experience.”

– Folket Bortafor Nordavinden