The Company

Altared Khaos Associates is the fresh, dynamic result of the shared passion and long field experience of two female metalheads in Norway. Both of these ladies have been working in the metal industry for about a decade, before deciding to merge their activities at the dawn of 2018!

Answering a need for a professional handling of bands merchandise, whether that be in the form of standalone concerts or on multiple dates tours, AKA takes pride in providing a highly structured, efficient, and most professional service, together with absolute reliability and transparency.

Our experience within the music industry has taught us what musicians go through in preparation for each concert. That’s the reason why our vision is to help bands to dedicate their energy and focus on their live performance, knowing that everything else is perfectly under control.

We see our role as much more than just a business partnership with bands. Indeed, we want to contribute to the best possible experience of the concerts that audiences attend in our own way,  through conscious efficiency, fast execution, and with very pleasant and amiable service.

Beyond the idea of business, we strive for the entire satisfaction of all our partners and customers, and will always have this as our main priority.

Although Altared Khaos Associates is a company based in Oslo, Norway, we are proud to offer our services internationally and are willing to work with any metal/rock gender.

Operating with merchandising/tour-merchandising at first, AKA will gradually expand its services to become a northern European booking/tour management agency.


Our Team

Let’s say there’s three steps to make great things happen : the first one is to have everything planned and ready. The second step is to take it from there and make things happen, and the last part is to fulfil the mission.

Give the first to Morgwen, and the second to Giulia, and you’ll have both girls rocking the third damn thing for you ! This pair that some might compare with humour to the brain/heart symbiose works in  the most perfect complementarity, with equal skills on the field !


Try to picture an impish, highly social fiery woman, and you’ll get a good first impression of our girl !

Born Italian as Figlia d’Arte, Giulia comes from a lineage of professional painters and musicians. She kept the family tradition alive, and proceeded to study and practice several instruments such as Celtic harp, flute, violin and lyric singing. She graduated in musical theory from the Conservatorio of Bologna, where she successfully joined the theatre company of the academy of dramatic arts.

Her musical education went side by side to a pedagogical one, giving her a bachelor degree as primary school teacher. She then proceeded to learn how to use music for healing purposes, and became a musical therapist specialised in young children with learning disabilities.

Her musical education allowed her to collaborate with different folk and metal bands, both as guest and permanent musician. This path led her to travel throughout Europe, Australia and the US to work for metal bands as part of touring and live events, either as guest musician or merchandiser. She also worked for European folk and metal festivals.

Giulia moved to Norway in the spring of 2013 looking for new adventure, she soon started working as volunteer for the accreditation crew and merchandise stand for festivals like Inferno, Midgardsblot and Tons of Rock. In 2017 she managed to start again play music and joined the folk band Byrdi as drummer and harpist. She is also a founder member of an online based international musical project, which includes musicians such as ex member of Eluveitie and Faun.


This southern French lady got her taste for music from her family background, where classical musical education was non-negotiable ! Even though she decided to quit the musical practice, she personally approached music via dance, and live performances.

Introduced to classical and jazz concerts from the age of 7, Morgwen always considered music to be something that had to be lived and not just listened to. After pharmacology and medical studies, she eventually graduated a master degree, whilst getting more and more involved in the metal milieu in France. She participated the whole process of booking/hosting metal concerts both in Toulouse and Montpellier for several years. Led by this taste for organisation, she added to her skills a professional certification as Executive Assistant. She also developed her own artistic sense by becoming a successful Art model, under the name Elbereth Lasombrae, and won several french writing contests (novels and poetry)

In 2013, Morgwen moved to Norway, with her daughter, and because of her experience in the metal milieu, came to work as merchandiser and tour merchandisers for labels such as Intromental (prog) or Dark Essence Recordings/Karisma, and various bands. She also assisted festivals such as Midgardsblot, Inferno or Tons of Rock as bandhost or merchandiser, and works for bands artwork, on both sides of the camera.

If you’d ask anyone to describe Morgwen, you’d probably get the following keywords: professional, creative, genuine, hates mornings, workaholic, strong head, extremely service minded, and much more smiling than you’d imagine at first.

Previously/ currently working for….


Motocultor Open Air Festival (FR) – Head of Artist Merch – since 2022

Unholy Congregation Festival (BE) – Head of Artist & Festival Merch – since 2019


ByNorse Label / AISA Music (SW)

Dark Essence / Karisma Recordings (NO)

Edge Circle Productions (NO)

Eiche Rustikal Productions (DE)

Sandbag Production (UK)

MerchWorld (SE)

Merch For Life (UK)


Acârash (NO) – Alfahanne (SE) – Amon Amarth (SE) – Asagraum (NL) – Aura Noir (NO) – Aurora (NO)Betraying the Martyrs (FR) – Blodhemn (NO) – Byrdi (NO) – Carpathian Forest (NO) – Cecile Corbel (FR) – Celtic Frost (CH)Corvus Corax (DE)Diary of Dreams (DE) – Djevelkult (NO) – Dodie Clark (UK) – Endezzma (NO) – Enslaved (NO)Faun (DE) – Fleshgod Apocalypse (IT) – Freak Kitchen (SE) – Gaahls WYRD (NO)Gåte (NO) – Girl In Red (NO)Golden Core (NO) – Gravity (FR) – Haken (UK)Helheim (NO) – Helisir (NE) – Inculter (NO) – In The Woods… (NO) – Kalandra (NO) – Krakow (NO) – Leprous (NO)Lydia Lazca (NO) – Machine (UK) – Madder Mortem (NO) – Magister Templi (NO) – Necrophobic (SE) – Nekromantheon (NO) – Nephalokia (FR) – Nifrost (NO) – Nordjevel (NO) – Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark – OMD (UK) – Persefone (ES) – Ragnarok (NO) – Septicflesh (GR)Superlynx (NO) – Taake (NO)Tempelheks (NO) – The Moon And The Nightspirit (HU) – Vreid (NO) – Vulture Industries (NO) – Wardruna (NO)Whoredom Rife (NO) – Ørkenjkøtt (NO)



Beltane Celtic Festival

By:Larm Festival (NO)

Høstsabbat (NO)

Imperium Festival (NO)

Inferno Festival (NO)

Into Darkness Festival (NL)

Metaldays Festival (SL)

Midgardsblot festival (NO)

Orgium Satanicum (NO)

Tons of Rock Festival (NO)

Wacken Festival (DE)