We couldn’t help but notice how musicians prefer to focus on their creativity rather than their goodies, and we think it’s probably for the best.

Our company’s name epitomizes how we truly play our role as merchandisers. We create a perfect order in the mist of the inevitable chaos of live performances.

Here is what you get when you decide to involve the AKA in a concert: before the d-day, you will be contacted by one of our associate who will who will clarify the core details of your various merchandise items, shirts designs, CDs, patches etc

On the day, she/they will show-up at the venue at the time of your get-in, and will take responsibility for all the merchandise from there: sorting the designs by size, organising clean folded piles, and setting up a neat and visually appealing merch stand.

We work with pre-filled sheets in order to keep track of all the sold items. All sales will be carefully logged, and you will be given a detailed final report at the end of the concert.

Payments in cash and credit card will be made available to customers attending the gig, depending on your own preferences.

At the end of the concert, the designated contact within each band will be given the final takings, paperwork detailing sales, and any remainder merchandise will be carefully sorted back into the containers in which they arrived.

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Tour Merchandising


Both associates of Altared Khaos have a strong experience as tour merchandisers, and know the touring life intimately : confined in night liners at best, in mini vans in the other cases, dirty socks, dads jokes, fasting periods and daily pizzas…. All are familiar situation, they’ve seen it all !

And out of experience, we can guarantee one thing: your audience WILL LOVE meeting one of these smiling and efficient ladies at the merch stall, and your band/s will appreciate just as much, for the same reasons!

Beyond our role of merchandisers, we obviously participate the whole tour-life just like any crew member: load-out, load-in, and the social part of it (no need to mention that we are particularly easy-going and adaptable, in addition of being professional at all times) We pull our own weight here and aren’t afraid to help wherever it is needed, you won’t have to ask.

Each playing day will see the exact same routines from us : get-in, organise the stand and have everything ready for the doors opening, count each sale carefully, pack , get-out, report to bands contacts, enter data in our system.

The entire earnings of the day will be systematically given to each band’s contact, together with the detailed sales reporting. We’ll also keep track of the remaining stock with an orderly and updated inventory.

We are perfectly aware of the hesitations of some tour managers to hire female crew members, due to a mostly masculine environment, and this is where we point proudly to our professionalism and past experiences. We consider a tour assignment to be an important professional responsibility and will always behave accordingly, as befits our standards.

As various and diverse personalities are an important factor in the case of long tours, we invite you to communicate with us about your upcoming tours, and see for yourself if you wish to involve Altared Khaos Associates – we’re confident you won’t be disappointed.


Your products in our e-shop


Altared Khaos Associates loves to support bands. All bands, not just the very successful ones !

We offer all bands the possibility to gain exposure by having their merchandising on our E-shop, for the very same-conditions as we do for live merchandising !

What do your band earns from it  ? Exposure, free and permanent marketing from our team, and an easy way to sell your goodies without having much to do for it !

We also offer the bands the possibility to leave us the remaining stock after a concert, or send us some items, if they wish us to stock it at our office, and ship the orders ourselves.

Any inquiry, just contact us !

*Please make sure your label doesn’t have the exclusivity regarding your merchandising sales before contacting us about the E-shop ? *